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Gmail Ninja

Welcome to Digital Ninja Academy’s course on Gmail. By the end of this course you will realize just how much email is pervasive in your life, and you’ll be happy you got it under control, and relieved that you know how to get everything you are looking for quickly.

As you progress through the lessons in the course you will quickly see the value of digging into the settings you may normally ignore. There is a lot of power in Gmail that you will be accessing throughout the lesson.

Your objective is to clear the noise and get to what matters most.

It’s important to remember that as you may try to hang on to old ways. You likely have created those habits (or work-arounds) to make sure you don’t lose anything, forget to follow up and look bad, or because you want to “quickly” find what you are looking for.

Course Materials

You'll benefit from having your computer in front of you with a second monitor. One to view the lesson, and another to follow along and work directly in your Gmail Account.